Our Purpose is to help people find their ideal home.

For Our People, For our Customers. We go that EXTRA MILE.

Core Values

Our Core Values is the driving force that sets our team culture and our services. We make decision to recruit, fire, and reward team members based on these Core Values. These values set the tone for our clients expectation’s in working with us, and it sets the team expectations of each other. These values enable us to have a highly productive, efficient, and cohesive team of visionaries, creators, and problem solvers here at Qorbel.

Quintessential British – We are a British company where strength and respect is at its core. We are proactive in our approach. We anticipate needs way before they become an emergency.

Own it – Every team member feels that ALL ISSUES in the company are THEIR issues. If you see something, say something so we can sort it. We need to take ownership of important conversations and our people need to have the courage to manage up. We are not the victims as we can only solve problems that we are accountable for.

Relationships – We build synergy by building relationships with our team and our customers. We achieve more by working together rather than working separately as we all add value to others. We also need to make sure that we are holding each other up to our standards, no matter how hard it is.

Become the Best – Every person on the team has a personal goal of not only getting better at their job but to become more responsible in their life. The team members understand that only doing their on the job training doesn’t cut it here. They are constantly improving their habits and environment to exponentially improve their lives by taking action.

Effective Communication – We plan together our communication with others so that we can be effective in our intention to deliver our content. We embrace conversations rather than avoid them. We speak authentically, which means we do not hide the truth, we embrace it with open arms.

Love Thyself – Everyone on the team understands that they can’t help others unless they help themselves first. They need to look after their health and their mental and spiritual wellbeing in order for them to be fully committed to work. They prioritise themselves before work and prove it by being able to show up fully each day. They take wellbeing days to recharge.


Qorbel aims to rewrite the Estate Agency Rule book. It aims to make the customers search and experience for their home more seamless through the use of cutting-edge technology and great customer service which aims to stand up from the crowd hence our tagline


“When Ordinary Just Won’t Do”

Meet the Team

Each member of the team supports one another and supports the growth of the company in alignment with our vision. We care deeply about creating an extraordinary experience for all our customers.

We operate with the philosophy that “Everyone is a Leader”, which guides each teams member’s personal and professional growth.

We have an accountability chart with each team member as the “right person in the right seat” in a way that best serves our customers and our company’s growth. Each team member Earns their position, Wants their position, and has the capacity to do it (EWC).


Founding Director

Kurt Gonzales is on a mission to help people find their ideal home. A home means many things to different people but one thing they have in common is that it is the base where everything begins. Kurt specialises in building long lasting relationships with clients around the world and has provided insightful and extensively researched market appraisal advice. Kurt was dissatisfied with other companies vision and the opportunity they provided for their people.

Kurt brings a wealth of Knowledge to our marketplace having worked in key areas in North and Central London.


Founding Director and Creative Director

As a creative Director it is Jodie’s responsibility to oversee the presentation of all of Qorbel’s properties as well as the marketing and PR of the company. Jodie’s passion and positive energy is contagious in a positive way.




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